Bad Wolfe on the Rise

Bad Wolfe on the Rise Cover Small Version.jpeg

A woman from his future will unlock his past...

Oliver Fitzwilliam lives to wreak his revenge on William De Wolfe. Raising his sword to kill the man who has caused such horror in his life, Oliver finds himself wrenched eight hundred years forward into the future. Now he must find his sword, get back home and complete his revenge. Only one thing stands in his way, the beautiful Doctor Laura Rose.

Laura Rose is completing the final eight months of her internship at Deer Fallows Home for the Mentally Unstable. Patient Oliver Fitizwilliam disturbs her on so many levels, and when he is up for release, Laura fights to keep him contained. Oliver is too clever, his responses too pat for her to believe he is no longer a danger to himself and society. 

In a battle for possession of the time-traveling sword, Oliver and Laura find themselves propelled back into the past. Now Laura must fight not only to find her way home, but to keep Oliver from taking a life and the subsequent regrets. Trapped together, their simmering chemistry ignites in a recipe for disaster that needs to traverse eight hundred years to find their happily ever after.


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