Positively Pippa Receives Starred Review from Kirkus!

This is the type of romance that makes readers fall in love not just with characters, but with authors as well.
Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

I am extremely pleased to announce that Kirkus Reviews published a Starred Review of my upcoming contemporary release Positively Pippa, #1 Ghost Falls. 


I have been looking forward to this release and receiving this review has boosted my excitement for Positively Pippa that much further.

“When Pippa's career explodes on national television and she returns home, the last thing she expects is to fall in love…or to heal the rift between three generations of women in her family .After her ex, a producer for her makeover show, edits a clip of Pippa in a way that makes her one of the most reviled women in Hollywood, she goes back to the place she feels safest—her hometown of Ghost Falls. Her grandmother Phi (short for Philomene) was a great opera singer who packed houses and performed for royalty before returning home to care for her daughter, Emily. Phi's absence in Emily's childhood created an almost irreparable distance between them that carried over to Emily's oldest daughter, Laura. Phi tried to make up for lost time when Pippa was born, but instead of bringing the four women together, it divided them: artistic Phi and Pippa against sensible Emily and Laura. So, upon returning home, Pippa takes refuge in her grandmother's house, where her childhood friend and high school crush, Matt Evans, is doing contracting work. All the problems that keep cropping up at Phi's place seem to be the result of intentional, but luckily unskilled, sabotage. While Pippa is busy putting her life back together and Matt is trying to figure out what to do with his, some of Phi's mementos from her career go missing. Is it theft or have they been misplaced? This first book in the Ghost Falls series has a bit of everything—mystery, sex, love, family drama—and it's all exceptionally well-done. The mystery is compelling. The heat factor for the sex is off the charts. The familial drama is bittersweet and poignant. Most important, the amount of love in this book doesn't stop with romance—maternal and familial love are given as much of a spotlight as the story between Pippa and Matt. This is the type of romance that makes readers fall in love not just with characters, but with authors as well.” –Kirkus Reviews STARRED REVIEW


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