The Parent Trap

I think that like most moms, there are times when you just feel deeply unappreciated by the offspring. Tonight I am trying to write and listening to a YouTube video going head to head with Carrie Underwood. And tonight is also one of those times when every little request I make of my children is greeted with a look of amazed incomprehension. So, I got to feeling a bit sorry for myself and then I got to thinking about how hard it is to carve out that time for yourself that is not about the needs of everyone else in the house but about your own.

As women, we play so many different roles - wife, mother, daughter, professional, dog walker, therapist and in my case, writer. As an unpublished author, I often find it difficult to justify the time away from those that need me to pursue my dream. Writing takes time and lots of it. As any one who has written or tried to write will understand. Somehow, in my head, being published has become synonymous with the permission to take the time I need to chase my dream.

I have girls to raise and I am always cognizant of that maxim that states "children do as we do and not as we say." My dream for my children is to raise young women who are not afraid to pursue their dreams or their desires, comfortable within their own skin and aware of their own worth. A snap really! Riiiiiight?

If my girls, do indeed, do as I do and not as I say, shouldn't I be setting the example of a strong, confident woman, pursuing her dream, comfortable with the skin she's in and aware that she has value? And not valued because others are appreciative but valued because she believes it to be true.

If I don't take that time for myself, am I teaching my girls to put the needs of others before their own, to sacrifice what is important to them to meet the needs of others. I'm not talking about the basics of mothering here, don't get me wrong. I am committed to my children and the journey of raising them. I am not by any means proposing to abandon them with a can opener and a tin of baked beans and let them have at it.

I am talking more about taking the time presented and not feeling guilty about it. Showing them, through example, how to go for what you want and how to honour your truth.