Resolving Conflict - Medieval Style

I am doing some research for a medieval romance, set in England 1153. In that process I got to reading a number of stories from around that era. Just to get a feel of things. 

I come across one entitled "The Knight of the Lion". Basically Sir Ewayne gets married and after a week joins King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain to rid the land of "the heathen". He leaves his new wife, promising to be back within a year.

He doesn't go back because after getting rid of "the heathen", Sir Ewayne decides he likes travelling around thwacking things and keeps doing it. His wife then sends his ring back and Ewayne realizes he might be in a bit of trouble with the missus.

So he rents his clothes, breaks his sword and lives like a beast. And on the story goes. Until Sir Ewayne - who has had an epiphany now and has stopped living like a beast and started thwacking for the sake of good - just happens to rescue his wife from an evil knight.

He defeats the evil knight, his wife recognizes him and:

"Each of them would fain be the first to forgive. They fell upon one another's necks, and in one kiss forgot the sorrows of these seven years."

Hmmm? And here I am wracking my brain for Goals, Motivation and Conflict. 

By they way - the lion thing. He rescues a lion from being eaten by a dragon. In gratitude the lion follows him around like a large Golden Retriever.