Chance Encounters with Strangers

My lifestyle over the last 14 years has involved a lot of moving about. Eleven homes at the last count. Because of that, I have often found myself in places where I know nobody. Having just moved to Utah, this is fresh for me at the moment. Today, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and wanting to meet a friend for coffee or just hang out with someone who knew me. It got me thinking about how this is a familiar feeling and I know it will pass. Then I remembered all the times I'd felt like this and all those chance encounters with strangers that had made me feel better. Over all these moves, it has often been these chance encounters that have made me feel like I am not invisible and just given me that moment of human contact that I needed. People that I have never seen again, who have no idea what they did for me in that moment.

And it doesn't take much to turn somebody's day around, for the worse or the better. 

We have no idea when we encounter a stranger of the effect we have on their day. That one small moment, that we instantly forget, can be so much more meaningful for the other person. 

Just a bit of food for thought.