That Dyslexia Demon

I have a daughter with the dreaded "D" and I don't know about other parents with children who have learning difficulties, but the anxiety associated with school is just a killer. There are so many children today being identified with learning problems and  the school system is changing, but not fast enough. It was something I gave no thought to until it was my child who had the issue. I hate getting those report cards with bad grades and it's the first I hear of it. As a parent, I am more than prepared to do my part. I just need to be told when it's time to spring into action. And this is not helicopter parenting, this is just working together to get a child through a system that is not set up for them. And I understand that a system needs to serve a majority, but this minority is feeling the need to rant a bit. I will do whatever it takes to help my daughter, and I am sure the majority of parents feel the same - learning difficulties or not. I just want to feel like I am working with the school.

I was wondering who else out there is battling this particular demon, or even others like it.