Grammatically Challenged Me

I first wrote this blog for A.S Fenichel on the release of my second medieval novel, Sweet Bea.

A.S and I share an editor over at Kensington (Lyrical), the incredible Penny-Jo Barber. So, along with the release of Sweet Bea, this blog also marks my official graduation from Penny Boot Camp.

I did not see those boys in Penny Boot Camp. Penny and Andrea have, clearly, been holding out on me.

I’ll be back in basic training soon enough as Penny takes me in hand once more with the next in the Sir Arthur’s Legacy series, following on from Sweet Bea, called My Lady Faye. (there's more on both of these under the MY BOOKS tab)


Speaking of Penny, one of her thankless tasks when editing me is the sad truth that I am a grammar cretin. I have no idea what I was doing when they taught grammar at school (actually I have a fairly good idea, but that is a blog for another day), but I was not paying attention.

So here’s a little grammar exercise.

1.    I know its/it’s ridiculous to be a writer and suck at grammar.

2.    The weather/whether outside today is beautiful, but I am sitting at my desk.

3.    Okay, you can say you hate medieval romance but I will descent/dissent.

4.    I will disagree with you in principal/principle.

5.    Your/you’re doing well and your score is rising/raising to its highest point. (See what I did there, tricky me. Two questions in one sentence)

6.    When you have finished this test, I’ll tell you if you have passed/past.

7.    At that point I will have to accept/except that everyone beats me at grammar.

8.    This little test comprises/composes nine questions and you are almost done.

9.    I will try and top all your scores in vain/vein/vane.


Share your answers in the comment section if you like and I will pop past and let you know how you did. Or, perhaps, I should get Penny or A.S. to do that???? And don’t be shy, remember me – the grammar cretin.