A great book always starts with a GREAT BEGINNING

And we're back, after a pause last week. Another Friday and another GREAT BEGINNING. I picked this classic book's beginning. If you know which book it is and are the first correct answer, Julie Ann is going to send you a free eBook of her new novel, Prophecy. And don't forget to leave us a way to get hold of you.

Sounds like a fair exchange to me. So without further ado, which classic book begins like this:

No answer.
No answer.
”What’s gone with that boy, I wonder? You Tom!”
 Here' that little visual clue I always include.

Here' that little visual clue I always include.

And while you're pondering the quote and the clue, let me tell you all about Julie Ann.

 1.     Give us your Great Beginning, where were you born and where are you now?

I was born and raised in rural Ohio, where I live today with my husband and three young children. I’ve never lived anywhere else and I have no desire to move. Crime and cost of living are low, the schools are good and the air is fresh. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place to raise a family. Here’s a picture from my front porch. And that’s me and the offspring having a picnic.

2.     One word to describe yourself from:

·      You: awkward

·      Your Significant Other: He called me a Roomba. You know, those robotic vacuums that never stop moving. They bump into walls and go the other way. I don’t think he understood the question…or maybe he did.

·      Your Best Friend: Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus!<-- She’s awkward, too. She tried to make up for it by saying I was intriguing, but we all know her first answer.

·      Your Mother: wonderful ß she actually said that. I called her and asked.

·      Your children: 11 year old son: happy, 8 year old son: kind, 6 year old daughter: beautiful

If you wonder who’s right and who loves me too much to see the truth, here are some pictures taken recently:

How did the idea for your book, Prophecy, come about?

If I’m being honest, it came in a temper tantrum. Mine. My agent had a contemporary YA manuscript on submissions for me and I was writing another. My completed novel was rejected with glorious praise, except: they’d “just bought something like it” or they “already had something similar in their line” or the concept wasn’t *quite* unique enough “to stand out in today’s crowded YA marketplace.” Well, about six months into that vat of disappointment, I lost my temper. There’s nothing worse that hearing an editor (or many editors) say they read your entire manuscript AND enjoyed it, but no thank you. I still want to bang my head across my keyboard when I think about it.

So, I stopped writing the contemporary YA I was in the middle of and I asked myself, what isn’t out there right now in YA? What couldn’t editors possible claim to have already? And I thought….I haven’t read any YA romance with Vikings. Fine. Done. I’m changing this hero from mild mannered guy with psychotic family secret, into a Viking. If it got rejected, then I’d know it wasn’t based on concept.

It didn’t get rejected.


Tell us how your journey in publishing began?

I started writing about five years ago after the birth of my third child. I was homeschooling a kindergartener at the time, potty training a toddler and nursing a newborn. I was desperate for something that was only for me. I decided I’d write a novel. It was harder than I thought. Luckily, I’m hard headed to a fault and the Internet is an unlimited resource, so I got to it.

Since opening a search engine in 2010 and typing “how to write a book,” I’ve written 2 short stories, 3 novellas and 15 novels. Both short stories, all three novellas and 10 of the 15 novels have published or are under contract and will publish very soon. Of the five unpublished novels, two are complete rubbish. 2 I have plans to rework until they find a proper home and the last one is up in the air. I’m not sure what will happen to her. Poor thing.

My writing journey hasn’t been glamorous, the opposite actually, but it’s mine and I’m thankful for what it is.


 Now let’s hear the opening lines of your RITA acceptance speech (don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s had this fantasy)

Hmm. Maybe something like, “Hey, I’m as surprised about this as you are.”


And now give us that Great Beginning to Prophecy

“I’ve got one.” Allison scooped wild brown hair into a ponytail and smiled. “Would you rather…”

I groaned. Would you rather was like Truth or Dare, except with no one to kiss.

“Come on. Would you rather spend two weeks on your dream vacation alone or one week alone with anyone you want, but you have to stay here?” Allison cleared the remains of our last customers’ dinners and loaded dirty dishes into a brown plastic tub. “I’d choose the second one and make Hannah Snyder watch me cuddled up to Dylan O’Brien for seven days straight.”

“You didn’t say there would be cuddling.” I retied my apron, buying time to think.

Allison dropped the tub of dirty dishes onto the counter with a wicked gleam in her eye. “Oh, there will definitely be cuddling.”


Prophecy, book 1, the Calypso series

 On the other side of death, is destiny.

Callie Ingram is spending her senior year focused on one thing: swimming. Her skill as a competitive swimmer is going to secure a scholarship and her future, or so she hopes. She has big plans, and Liam Hale, her gorgeous new neighbor, isn’t going to affect them. But when Callie sees Liam beheading someone, she learns his family has a secret that will change everything. The Hales are Vikings, demi-gods who’ve been charged by The Fates to find their new destined leader.

Callie’s caught in the middle of a budding Norse apocalypse, in love with Liam Hale and desperate to protect her best friend—who the Hales believe is marked for transformation. Putting the clues together as fast as she can, Callie discovers she has the power to rewrite destiny, for herself and all humankind. 

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About Julie:

Julie Anne Lindsey is a multi-genre author who writes the stories that keep her up at night. She’s a self-proclaimed nerd with a penchant for words and proclivity for fun. Julie lives in rural Ohio with her husband and three small children. Today, she hopes to make someone smile. One day she plans to change the world.



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