A great book always has a GREAT BEGINNING.

And I'm thrilled to welcome my lovely friend Nina Mason to GREAT BEGINNINGS today. 

Nina chose this GREAT BEGINNING for you to identify. It's not a classic, but it's a HUGE BESTSELLER. If you recognize which book begins like this and are the first one to put the name either in the comment section, Facebook or anywhere else this blog appears, Nina is going to send you a free copy of her newest book, a thriller, called The Tin Man.

(And remember to leave me a way to get hold of you afterwards.)

Renowned curator Jacques Sauniere staggered through the vaulted archway of the museum’s Grand Gallery. He lunged for the nearest painting he could see, a Caravaggio. Grabbing the gilded frame, the seventy-six-year-old man heaved the masterpiece toward himself until it tore from the wall and Sauniere collapsed backward in a heap beneath the canvas.
A visual clue of the movie made of the book, by the same name.

A visual clue of the movie made of the book, by the same name.


While you're thinking about that BESTSELLER, I would love to tell you more about Nina and her new release.


1.    Give us your Great Beginning, where were you born and where are you now?

Great beginning? Humble beginning would be closer to the truth. I was born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, the fourth of five children to a schoolteacher and an accountant. I learned to read at an early age and was always told I was a good writer. Never good enough, in my opinion, but I keep striving to improve. I lived in the same place until I left high school and have moved innumerous times since. I now live in Georgia, of all places. Long story and, if you want to know the truth, I don’t feel like going into it.


2.     One word to describe yourself from:

·      You: Creative

·      Your Significant Other: Creative

·      Your Best Friend: Creative

·      Your children: Pragmatic


3.     How did the idea for your book, The Tin Man, come about?

Long story. A few years back, I had an agent who told me all the publishing houses she spoke to in New York wanted a thriller written by a woman. So, I wrote one about two journalists who get caught up in a conspiracy involving the media and using propaganda to manipulate public opinion. These are things I know something about, having a degree in journalism and some experience in public policy messaging. It also expresses some of my frustration with the erosion of real American values, like our first amendment rights. Freedom of speech, religion, and the press, to name a few.


4.     Tell us how your journey in publishing began?

It’s been a long and rocky road littered with rejections. My husband says he’s astonished I didn’t quit long ago and the fact that I haven’t must mean I really want it. I do.



5.     Give us the opening lines of your RITA acceptance speech. (Don’t leave me hanging here, haven’t we all had that fantasy?)

I haven’t, actually. Never even considered entering my books in a contest, let alone what I would say if I won an award.


6.     And now give us that GREAT BEGINNING 

It was pitch black under the hood, but he could feel the heat of the lights. It was quiet, too. Deathly so. They were there, though. Looming, breathing, oozing the pong of sweat laced with onion, garlic, and cumin. One of them was right in front of him. He could sense him there, could hear the rub of fabric, the squeak of a chair. Even so, he jerked when a gruff Iraqi voice boomed: “Name?”
“Buchanan, Alexander.” His throat was so raw it hurt to speak.


Nina Mason is a hopeful romantic with strong affinities for history, mythology, and the metaphysical. She strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten. When not writing, Nina works as a communications consultant, doll maker, and home stager. Born and raised in Southern California, she now lives in Woodstock, Georgia, with her husband, teenage daughter, two rescue cats, and a Westie named Robert.





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