When He's Bad He's Better

When He's Bad, He's Better

I wrote this blog for the wonderful Jami Denise originally and had so much fun doing it, I wanted to repeat it here. A writer who has a way with a bad boy herself.

When I wrote Sweet Bea, I took a bit of a chance on the hero, Garrett. He’s a bad, nasty boy in the beginning. Let me give you what one reviewer had to say, just so you'll know I'm not making this up.

I’ve said numerous times that I don’t have too many dealbreakers as a reader because a good author can make me like just about anything. And Sweet Bea is a book that proves that true. Somehow Sarah Hegger takes a lying jerk hero, a curl-tossing and feisty heroine, and a handful of ridiculous romance plotting cliches, and turns it into a fun but also surprisingly moving story.
— Lynn Spencer "All About Romance."


That got me thinking about bad boys and how much I love them.  I am always drawn to a book with bad boy hero.

Here are my ten favorite bad boys of all time.


10. This must belong to the bad boy that started it all for me, the granddaddy of all bad boys and my first crush - Rhett Butler. He’s 78 this year, having first ogled his way into our hearts in 1936 with the release of the book, Gone with the Wind.


9. Like so many others, I have read nearly everything written by Johanna Lindsay. So, my next bad boy has to be Captain James Mallory from A Gentle Rogue by Ms. Lindsay.


8. Shifting genres with a ‘shifter’ bad boy, how could I forget that seven-foot plus polar bear/lion shape shifter with the bad attitude and the OCD thing, Bo Novikov from Shelly Laurentson’s, Beast Behaving Badly.

7. I adore Kelly Robak from Cara McKenna’s smoking hot erotic romance, After Hours. He takes big, bad, mean and moody to a whole new level. Strictly non PC, a thug with a big heart.

6. Suave, sophisticated and deliciously devious, there is always space on my top ten for Leopold Dautry, Duke of Villiers, from Eloisa James’ wonderful historical, A Duke of her Own.


5. And sticking with those historical hunks, how could I even think of a list like this without including Suzanne Enoch’s “Saint”, Michael Halboro, Marquis of St. Aubyn, from her book London’s Perfect Scoundrel. A ‘saint’ he is not.


4. A more recent favorite would have to be Kane “Tack” Allen from Kristan Ashley’s steaming, Motorcycle Man. Complete with tats, a Harley and a bad attitude.


3. A tortured bad boy with a terrible past and the scars to prove it, my newest favorite has to be Rex Carter from J. B. Salbury’s incredible novel, Fighting to Forget.



2. Going back to Regency England for the number two slot and it belongs to Sebastian, Viscount St. Vincent, from Lisa Kleypas’s wonderful book, The Devil in Winter. Another smooth-talking, sophisticated scoundrel with murky intentions.


1. And my all time, favorite bad boy, the one I can read and reread and read again has to be Hardy Cates. Another Lisa Kleypas winner from her contemporary novel. Blue-Eyed Devil.


Why don’t you tell me which bad boys do it for you. I am always looking for a new addition to the list and a great read.