Good Morning!

Jo Richardson here.

I'm excited to be hosting this week's "Thoughts for Thursday" feature.  When I thought about what to write on today, the first thing that popped into my head, of course, was Halloween. And as tempting as it was to join in on that fun, I've done a lot of that in past years. Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween. But I love FALL in general, even more. Always have. Especially when we lived up North. It was absolutely my most favorite time of the year (no offense, Christmas).

That might possibly be why my first published book was about ghosts and witches and takes place in a little known town called, hmmmm, Salem, Massachusetts.

I digress, though. Because today I’m not talking stories, I’m talking annual, fall type, fun traditions.

I grew up in Maryland but these days, I live in Florida, so there’s not a lot of chill in the air yet (*sad face*), or actual pumpkin patches to take the kids to (LOTS and LOTS of berry farms, though). However, there are a couple of places we go that are MUST VISITS. You know, in case you live around these parts, or are going to visit, and are wondering about some of the not-so-touristy things to do around Fall time, here they are:


We’ve been going every year since our oldest was able to walk. Some years it’s super hot (takes LOTS of water, by the way, this thing can take up to 3 hours to get through), some are . . . not as hot. The past few years, we’ve learned to go later in October, and sometimes even in November, when the weather has cooled down a bit. Huge difference.

Now, if I’m being honest, the horror fan in me would love to visit this place at night, preferably not alone, even though I’d be scared to death of hearing the famed phrase, “Malicah! Come out to play!” . . . um, no thank you, Children of the Corn.

For now, I'll have to settle for the family fun it gives us.  There's a huge slide you (I mean the kids) can slide down in a burlap sack, and a kiddlet sized corn maze, for the littler ones or anyone else who can't handle the big dog. Food stands (YUM) and a hay ride is also available. Totally worthy of a day trip and I highly suggest you purchase your tickets online. The line is out to the road first thing.

Our 2nd tradition:


This place is adorable. Our girlies love love love to go here every year (even as they get older) and see the animals, pet some chicks, milk a cow . . . (that's right, I said it) and learn something they didn't know before.

In October, they have a (make shift) pumpkin patch that kids (and adults) can go pick from when they get off of the hay ride at the end of the tour. They also have a fun haunted house to go through, a "haunted train" (it's not really haunted, but it's totes cute for the little ones) and playgrounds for "taking a break".

My favorite animal has to be, hands down, Tigger the Zorse (Zebra slash Horse). Hey, did you know when breeding, you always start the mixed name with the father of the parents?  I did not know that. You're welcome. I try to be entertaining and educational in my posts. *winks*

Okay. I won't give away too much more about these awesome places. I have to save some things for you to explore on your own. Right?

Do you have any annual visits you go to in the Fall?  With or without the children?

Tell me about them!

Thanks for stopping by today. This was big fun and gets me excited about gearing up to go to soon.

Big love,


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