#LSTRAATR (Say what?)


Today I am proud and happy to be a part of two firsts.


First first: Welcome to the first of a new series of blogs by the Romance Writers Weekly crew. Each week one of our authors will be by to share their Thought for Thursday. It should be a great way to slide into the weekend.


Second First: This blog is also the first in a series I plan to start on my own blog ( I was going to call it: Love Songs That Really Aren’t All That Romantic. But that seemed like a long title. So, because everything today needs a hashtag, I’m calling it #LSTRAATR. (That probably isn’t any more rememberable, but what the heck.)


Anyway, today I’m kicking off the series with a classic hit from my era, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.


Watch this:




Oh, that seemed romantic, didn’t it? I mean, they drove off together smiling on a motorcycle at the end right?


Let’s analyze.


In the first verse we learn that this jackass doesn’t trust his girlfriend not to cheat on him, even though she told him she wasn’t like that.


The chorus tells us he knows enough gabby people that if she does cheat, he’ll know, so she better watch out. (Who would date this guy?)


We’re not off to a very good start here, let’s check the next verse to see if there’s any romance here.


Nope. He’s calling her a liar and a cheat. And he assumes that even when she is at home, she’s funneling guys in and out of her house. (So if he believes that, why is he dating her?)


Well, at least there’s one more verse. Another chance for redemption of this idiot.


Are you kidding me? He’s using his unfounded suspicion that she’s cheating on him to cheat on her. This guy is a complete jerk. (Not Bobby Vee. I’m talking about the guy the song is about.)


Conclusion: This couple is doomed from the start. Even if she is a cheater, he’s a presumptuous jackass looking for an excuse to cheat. Then again…maybe these two deserve each other.


Amount of romance in this song: None at all.