Sarah's Tried and True for Deskunking the Dog

If you have any form of retriever, like I do, and skunks in the area, it's more a matter of when they're going to get a chemical blast rather than if. Retrievers have a strong prey drive and skunks don't back down.

You do the math on that one.

Tomato juice is a myth. It does nothing but make you crave a Bloody Mary. Given the stink rising from your dog this may seem to you to be the best solution - getting shit-faced on Bloody Marys. Also, skunks are nocturnal and it always seems to be that last time you put the dog out for the night that does the business. 


So here's my method. And let me say up front, that I've yet to discover something that takes it away 100%, but this brings it down to the level of bearable. You catch the occasional whiff instead of a full-on, scorching nose blast every time the dog comes to see you. Side note: Retrievers are also the party animals of the dog world, so they come and see you a lot. 

  1. This works best if you can wrestle the dog into a tub, or a sink, any water and dog receptacle, which you are going to fill with water and baking soda. Don't be shy with the baking soda. Get that crap in there. For my two I go through a good pound and half of it. Leave a little in the box for the next step.
  2. Now make a paste with the leftover baking soda, dishwashing liquid and dog shampoo (any will do).
  3. First wet the dog down with the water/baking soda mix in your tub/sink.
  4. Then work your baking soda, dishwashing liquid and dog shampoo paste into their coat. Get it deep beneath that first layer of fur.
  5. Rinse off with the baking soda, water combo you got going on in the bath.
  6. Again, you won't fix the problem entirely, but you won't have to keep locking yourself away from the dog.

Is this really tried and true? 

Yes indeed. This morning, in fact.

Now you may want to get blotto on those Bloody Marys. 

Henry & Daisy

Skunk Magnets Extraordinaire